Located in central Illinois on 1300 acres of scenic strip mine ground, we are one of the few operations that have developed from a 4-H family to an elite purebred seed stock operation. For over 20+ years we have had one owner, one manager & one vision. That vision is to breed and develop maternal oriented phenotypically attractive cattle that can do the little things that make money. Easy calving cattle that can convert grass to milk and milk to pounds. We are a diversified operation that believes Angus cattle are the hub of the beef cattle business. With this philosophy in mind we obviously breed & develop an elite set of Angus genetics but can also market Chiangus, SimAngus and club calf genetics. We have been highly-competitive in the show ring over the years producing a long list of local and national winners and we love to win, but our greatest pride comes from the joy that others receive from our cattle as they put them to work. We are so appreciative of our customers’ loyalty and friendship over our many years in the business.

We host annual auctions each year for our bulls and females in separate events. THE PROGRAM FEMALE SALE is held annually in December on our farm and THE PROGRAM BULL SALE is held annually on the first Saturday in February. Club calf, embryo, and semen sales are done privately and in special events.

We have worked with operations of all sizes and all types over the years and we’d love to help you achieve your goals in this great cattle business. Call or email us anytime and let’s see what THE PROGRAM can do for you!

Jeff Wisnefski & Jack Riley